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How GitHub communicates

Zach Holman writes about how GitHub communicates:

here’s a look at most of the communication that happened at GitHub on one random recent day: February 4, 2014

The expected methods are all there: chat (Campfire in their case), email, and – of course – GitHub itself.

One thing that piqued my interest was their internal-only social network “Team” which seems very reminiscent of how Automattic use WordPress & P2. Since I learned how Automattic use P2, I’ve been wondering if we could do something similar at Canonical. Perhaps we could use Google+  for this as we already use it for internal HangoutsUbuntu Developer Summit, and to power Ubuntu On-Air. There are ways to limit Google+ communities to members of your Google Apps domain.

(Side note: I hate having two Google+ accounts!)

I really need to finish coalescing my thoughts and put them into their own post…

The other point I noted was that their use of email was both minimal and individual – Team and GitHub itself are their primary ways of disseminating information.

It always interesting to see how others do achieve similar goals to yourself.


  1. We used to have an internal-only Status.net install at Canonical that did pretty much what you mention here, only it was shut down in favor of Google+.

    P.S. I also hate having two G+ accounts :)

    • I remember the status.net experiment well. :-)

      Multiple G+ accounts is the main thing that puts me off using G+ for this sort of thing.

  2. P2 looks really interesting. I’m up for trying it.

    I’ll raise your 2 G+ accounts to 4. It’s really amusing that old versions of corporate me are still suggested as potential friends.

    G+ seems a bit of a dead end.

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